District Wildlife

Fort Bend MUD 118 has recently received reports of the presence of a coral snake on the peninsula along Figure Four Lake. We ask residents to be cautious, keep pets on a leash at all times, and be aware of our wild neighbors while visiting District parks.

Wildlife in Parks and Open Spaces

Many Texans live in close proximity to a variety of native wildlife, including reptiles such as snakes and alligators with no confrontations.  As predators, snakes and alligators are an integral component of our ecosystems, helping to keep populations of their prey in check. Most wildlife will prefer to retreat or escape when encountered by humans. If you encounter potentially dangerous wildlife while visiting the District’s parks, do not approach it, keep a safe distance, and move away from the area. There are occasions when certain wildlife becomes a nuisance and must be handled by the proper authorities. In those cases, please notify the District’s Parks Manager by phone, or through the District’s website.

Residents should be watchful of alligators, snakes, and other wildlife in parks and along waterways, follow posted signage and share these wildlife safety tips:

  • Leave wildlife alone. State law prohibits killing, harassing, or possessing protected wildlife.
  • Never feed or entice wild animals, it is dangerous and illegal.
  • Never allow small children to play unsupervised.
  • Keep pets on a leash and in control when visiting District parks.
  • Don’t swim in areas not designated for swimming.
  • Do enjoy viewing and photographing wildlife from a safe distance of at least 30 ft. or more.

For more information about snakes, alligators, and other wildlife, including safety tips for living near wild animals, research reports and basic natural history, follow the links below to TPWD web site:

For questions specific to Fort Bend MUD 118 or to report wildlife related concerns, follow the link below or contact by phone: (832) 956-0868.

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