Ditch Cleanup

The ditch on the back side of the Village has been cleaned up, trash removed and underbrush cut to match the look of the other side of 99. This was done when the MUD was informed that it was now the property of the MUD. It will be maintained as needed to provide a nice view of the neighborhood.

New Splash Pad is Now Operational

The new Splash Pad behind the swimming pool is now operational for this year. The rules and usage requirements are posted on a sign on the pad. Enjoy this park addition sponsored by your MUD.

Animal Control in the Subdivision

As spring arrives, bringing mild temperatures, the weather is perfect to enjoy the District’s parks, playgrounds, and trails. Often our K9 friends join us for our daily dose of exercise. The District has seen an increase in the number of reports of unrestrained dogs in area parks, and along trails.

Although your dog may be gentle, many people can be frightened by unrestrained dogs. Unrestrained dogs may be overly enthusiastic with small children, the young-at-heart, and other pets in the community which can create a risk for dog bites or other injuries. Unrestrained or free-roaming dogs pose a substantial threat to the public. In addition, unrestrained dogs are at an increased risk of being bitten by wildlife present in the community, increasing the potential for the spread of illness.

Fort Bend County has established regulations requiring the restraint of dogs when outside a dwelling. Enforcement of restraint laws is essential in protecting the public using common areas within the community. As you enjoy the great outdoors with your pet, please be courteous, and help keep our community safe by abiding by dog restraint regulations. The District also encourages you to report all instances of unrestrained dogs.

To report a dog bite or other emergency situation, please call 911. For non-emergency reports of unrestrained dogs, please contact Fort Bend County Animal Control Services (281) 342-1512.

Larry’s Toolbox Program

Fort Bend MUD 118 participates in the North Fort Bend Water Authority (NFBWA) Larry’s Toolbox Program. The program is designed to assist MUD’s in promoting water conversation. There are different initiatives we elect to participate in within the program term (yearly) that allows us to receive points. These points, if program requirements are met, can result in some savings through the next calendar year from the NFBWA. In 2018, FB118 participated in an initiatives to give away three rain barrels to residents within the community. Maheen Khan, Zenna Sumo and John Wisbrock were the lucky winners of this initiative. If you are interested in receiving a rain barrel or would like more information on the program, please visit www.nfbwa.com or call 832-467-1599.